When The Game Of Life Throws Us A Curve Ball


Image of girl dealing with grief and trying to be positiveWhen The Game Of Life

Throws Us A Curve Ball

By Guest Blogger Phyllis Lanich

What happens when a very good friend or relative leaves or even moves to another state or country?

We all have experienced this, at one time or another and it can be especially hard for those who suffer from anxiety and or depression.

An example comes to mind is one from the recent pandemic. We all worry during these uncertain times. Remember: It is okay to mourn this kind of loss, but not to get too overwhelmed by thinking “please don’t leave me” or “don’t go there, something might happen to you.” And after the friend or relative leaves, we should not be so concerned by constantly calling, emailing or texting them with advice

I am not saying don’t check on them from time to time but do not make a pest of yourself. Everyone needs time away and we certainly need to stand on our own two feet.

What happens if it is a parent or relative that has passed away? We can always remember them by heeding the lesson that they taught us or a story they read to us as a child. We can remember them when we have a favorite food, or hear a story they have told us, read a poem or story, or by doing something they would have done like volunteering at a local church. Those memories can arise when a certain song comes on the radio.

Embrace those memories! Relive them! Act on them! And pass these memories to the younger generation!

Written by Phyllis Lanich


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