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What Is Depression?

Listen. If you have ever remotely suffered depression or anxiety, or know someone suffering depression or anxiety, then you would be well advised to bookmark this page.

Depression comes in many forms. Many people suffer depression are never diagnosed. It is our aim to bring you up to date information using:
White papers
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But what exactly is depression? Glad you asked, because I’ve got answers for you.

Depression comes in many forms, and any one definition of depression may no apply overall. For instance Beyond Blue, a national depression initiative lists five forms:
1. Major Depression
2. Bipolar Depression
3. Post Natal Depression
4. Psychotic Depression
5. Seasonal Affective Disorder

Each of these has different signs and symptoms. You can learn more about these on this website.

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  • Reply Helen Mary Jones February 13, 2017 at 22:26

    Well set out, easy to follow information. Look forward to reading more of your insights on your next post.

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