They Called the Doctor and he Came to See Me

So the Doctor said ‘You should find a hobby’

I thought for a moment before I answered with a ‘grumph’ …

‘What is a hobby? Isn’t it something you like to do?’

‘That’s right’ replied the doctor.

I was thinking to myself, ‘but I don’t feel up to it, I don’t like anything.’ They didn’t know much about depression in those days.

So I didn’t say anything, not wanting to go into it with the doctor. I was comfortable in my discomfort, if you know what I mean.

And depression can be like that, it’s easier to stay depressed, there is a dark comfort in it, because it’s a good reason to not do anything.

And by doing nothing you don’t have to face failure, you don’t have to face rejection. It’s so much easier and safer to do nothing at all.

That’s how it is. Showering, dressing, eating, all seems like so much effort for nothing.

But you must eat, nature demands it! Some eat junk food because it’s easier than cooking something healthy, and get fat. Some lose appetite, hardly eat at all and lose weight.

It was all part of being depressed and I’m so glad that I broke out of it years later.

So the doctor left, and I went back to my room.

You don’t have to be as depressed as I was, I broke through, and you can too. Find out how in my eBook “Depression Self Help.”

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