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How to repair and improve your self esteem

How do you rate your self esteem?  Can you improve it? Does everyone have self esteem? How does self esteem develop? How does childhood trauma or abuse affect self esteem? Is there a way of bringing up children to have strong self esteem?  

These and many other questions arose while I was researching for informative and helpful content for this book.  Read on and these questions shall be answered. Most importantly you will discover how to improve your self esteem, achieve more of what you want in life and learn what you can do as a parent to bring up your kids to have a healthy self esteem. 

Many people, maybe even you, are lacking self esteem in some area of your life.  This lack of esteem could be putting you at risk of not living up to your highest potential, and what could be worse, when the end draws near you could possibly regret all the things you never achieved because your self esteem led you to believe you could not. 

By reading this book you will discover how your self esteem or lack of it developed.  This will give you a better understanding of yourself and from that you will boost your self esteem and become able to accomplish things in your life that you wanted to but never thought you would. 

At the end of my first Senior High School year I failed all High School subjects including English and Literature.  My self esteem went right down and I thought I would never be any good for anything. Now here I am the author of three Self Help Books, a Fictional Adventure and a Psychological Thriller.  I was able to attain a bachelor’s degree from University plus several diplomas and I ran my own Hypnotherapy Practice for over 25 years until retirement.  I’m here to let you know that no matter where you stand right now, you can build or rebuild your self esteem just like I did. 

The material in this book is the result of years of personal life experience and from my Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice. I have also researched most of the available literature on the topic so that I can include knowledge from greater minds than mine. 

The book is written in an easy going style which should make it a pleasant experience. Therefore enjoy the book and most importantly, do the exercises that have been provided that will help improve your self esteem. I have great confidence that you can do it!  I wish you all the best on your life journey.