# Techniques from Postive Psycholgy
Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology


An online experiment by Seligman and colleagues on a group of

411 mildly depressed individuals produced very positive results.

The volunteers were engaged for seven days in one of five well-being enhancing activities that involved practicing gratitude, positive thinking, and focusing on one’s strengths.

The result was that they experienced a boost in well-being and a decline in depressive symptoms. A follow up 11 months later showed that these benefits were maintained well after the experiment ended.

Two of the activities in particular: writing about three good things in one’s life and using one’s key strengths in a new way resulted in the most lasting improvement of depression.  The third was changing negative thought patterns.

To summarize here are the three keys to breaking through depression.

  1. Practicing gratitude
  2. Focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses
  3. Changing negative thought patterns

Keep tuned in with this blog for information on how to do these activities.

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