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Obesity And Depression

Cartoon image of fat girl eating junk food without thought of her health Obesity And Depression by Guest Blogger, Phyllis R. Lanich

What is the One Worst Thing we do? We eat too much and snack on the wrong types of food.

We would say, “ Oh! This once won’t hurt.” We keep using this same excuse over and over again. Not because we are hungry, but, because we are bored.

Or it may be because we had an upsetting incident at home or work. We do it to comfort ourselves.

Most of the time as children, our parents or grandparents would give us treats when we were upset or during major holidays. In that way we were trained to turn to food and more particularly sweets when we were upset or needed comfort.

Do you know why this worked? It’s because eating releases special hormones called endorphins which make us feel better.

The obesity starts because as we get older our metabolism slows down. Then those calories get stored in our systems because of non-movement and lack of exercise.  We look at ourselves in the mirror and we get depressed. self hatred sets in and the depression continues.

Then, we start to make statements, such as “Well, I will start to diet…..tomorrow.” But the problem is TOMORROW NEVER COMES!  And nothing ever changes!

And as the pounds keep creeping up, you start making yourself and others feel miserable. Then your joints begin to suffer, and you go to the doctor, and he or she tells you to lose the weight before you develop High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, have a Stroke or even DIE!

But you probably already know that those same endorphins can be released by a little movement such as walking or yoga or whatever you choose. It will be less expensive to take care of it now! So here is some advice – Get moving! Exercise!  Go and release some endorphins and you will definitely feel better!

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  • Reply Shannan May 21, 2020 at 19:15

    This is so true. I have gained so much weight it’s unreal. Now that I am borderline diabetic, I have to do something. I bought my dance workout DVDs and an starting them asap when my leg is fixed!!!

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