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Renewing Your Mind Will Help You Focus on Your Future

Once you renew your mind and refuse to live in the past you will become limitless. Your life will change and it will be evident in everything you do!

Easier said than done!  Is that what you’re thinking right now?

Yes, you’re right, it could take some effort but it is doable!  And I can give you a true example of how it can be done.

In my second year at University I became down and broken-hearted because of a relationship. As a result I failed some courses miserably, so badly in fact that I was called into the Dean’s office to show cause why I should be allowed to continue. The Dean even suggested I defer for a year.  I did not want to defer because finishing the course within the allotted time was important to me.

On the way home I stopped at a park and sat down, feeling worn and tired.  My mind was full of negative thoughts, except for the one good thought that came to me: “How can I turn this around?”

I had once read about visualization and how it can be used to achieve goals. Aha! Maybe I could apply this to my getting a better grade on my courses so I started to visualize the exam result notice that I had received, it showed a lot of “F” (F = Failed.)

Then I let that visualization disappear and visualised a new exam result notice. This time visualising more of “P” an “Cr” (P = Pass, Cr = Credit) instead of “F.” And it so happened that at the end of the year I was able to graduate, having earned a Bachelor Degree in Science.

Visualization will be the topic for another blog so keep posted!

The other key process used to renew your mind is to use your ‘self talk.’ If you want to live a renewed life stop saying to yourself or to others for example,  – “my life is a mess,” “I fail my exams,” “I can’t do anything right” and instead, start thinking: “How can I turn this around?”, “How can this work in my favor?”  In a future blog I shall show you a process that will make this easier, but for now, start noticing when you self talk negatively, and train yourself replace the negative self talk with something positive.

I proved that it can be done, now it’s your turn.  Yes, it could take some mental effort and yes you may still come across obstacles and challenges but NEVER GIVE UP! The only failure in life is the failure to try.  If you try your best and fail, then you learn from your failure, learning from your failure will lead to success.  STAY POSITIVE!

Albert Einstein once said “Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which they were created.”  You can only solve your problem by changing your way of thinking. If you think your problem cannot be solved then you will fail to come up with solutions that work. Nonetheless, if you see your problem differently and believe it can be solved, coming up with the right solution becomes more likely.

No matter what your problem is, it cannot be solved from the same level of thinking you were in when it occurred. Whether in your personal relationships, your professional life or your academic life. You need to rise above the pain, disappointments, as well as regrets and find new ways of dealing with what you are going through.

If you want to begin a new relationship, leave your past where it belongs and focus not only on beginning a new relationship but on making it enjoyable.

Once you change your mind and refuse to live in the past you will be become limitless. Your life will change and it will be evident in everything you do. Your relationships will be more pleasant, your work more exciting, and even your health will improve. You will forget about unpleasant things in your life and begin looking for ways of making things work. Instead of giving up, you will give it another try because you know it is worth fighting for.

Before you know it, you will be on the right path to where you are destined to be.

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