Break Through Depression Within 30 Days!

Image of book coverThis pandemic is getting everyone down. Are you tired of being depressed? Are you finding it hard to “keep it all together” during these unprecedented days?

Even with this current state of affairs you can break through depression, live more happily and cheer up those around you. Freeing yourself from depression will improve your relationships, your study, your job, your career, your finances, your leisure time and the time you spend with your kids.

I was once telling a friend I was stuck on a certain problem. He replied “That’s the thing about depression, you get stuck!”


In this book you will learn:

  • How to become more objective about depression so you can overcome it

  • How to lift yourself out of your current depression

  • What you can do to help yourself

  • Ways that have been proven to increase happiness

  • Types of treatment available

  • How the author overcame depression and cancer to go on and live a fruitful life

When you recover from depression and regain your self-esteem, you feel more sure within yourself and feel confident about your abilities. Your relationships with others will improve and you’ll be more open to learning and feedback, which can help you acquire and master new skills.

The author shares with you 25 successful years of clinical practice helping others to achieve what they want in life. He has written self help books that cover depression, anxiety,  and several blogs related to those topics. He holds  a Bachelor’s degree in Science, A Graduate Diploma in Social Science, A Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and many other qualifications.

When you recover from depression you are:

  • Better able to face the world with all its complications
  • More open to making necessary changes in your life
  • Able to improve your relationships
  • More open to new opportunities
  • More resilient and better able to weather stress and setback

The first release of this book attracted five star reviews from readers:

  • The book is based on research that ensures you recover from depression
  • It has the best approach to help you start your journey to healing
  • It can save you lots of money because it is written by a professional $147 per hour therapist
  • You will be able to control what happens in your world rather than letting it control you

Grab a copy of this book today is because it shows lasting solutions to the state of depression related problem and the loss that is often associated with it. Click here to order safely from Amazon.

Here is what the readers say:

“I have read this book and must say it is not one to put on your shelf, it’s a must to have on your coffee table! Very real and can relate to. Offers great ideas, links, references, and essentially – what can you do to help yourself plus loads more.

Recommend highly – outstanding literature written by Alfred Bellanti who has been there, done that – AND put in his own words his findings, his experiences that I can relate too. So much content that is informational.

Although Alfred Bellanti was offering this promotion free for one week, for anyone suffering depression, I personally believe this has helped me and will continue to do so as it’s right beside my bed to re-read. But it is up to you to make that choice to help yourself. We all know it can be difficult, hard and no understanding of mental illness – cold hard facts are: it is a reality.

You can buy this book as per above. This book has inspired me to get up in the morning, albeit depressed upon waking, doing short walks, getting out in the community if only to go to the supermarket, cooking, meditations, etc.

Please do support – guarantee you too will not want to put the book down. And I know that’s a common phrase when trying to sell something. Is it worth it? – damn, straight it is. I am an ongoing testament to this. Thank you, Alfred, for writing it and sharing it. Because of it, I am finding myself in a better place throughout the day/s.

My achievements today:
~ 30-minute walk
~ got out to Henderson amongst people
~ cooked butter chicken
AND the day is not over yet…

Bless you Alfred.”Sheralee Gould

“I found this book inspiring. Having suffered depression for many years, I do know how difficult it is to get up and resume your normal life. This book covers many aspects of depression and go through details of the symptoms, the causes and what you can do about it. It also talks bout type of treatments available and what each kind is used for. Alfred’s style in writing is down to earth, simple, easy to follow and caring. I certainly recommend this book for anyone who is suffering from depression or just feeling they are slipping into depression. I look forward to reading any future books by Alfred Bellanti.” – Nadia Hakim

“If you want to read a down to earth real life experience of depression this is the book for you. It makes you realize you are not alone in your suffering. Also it is very enlightening and informative because Alfred did so much research and gave me the confidence to believe that I could come out of my depression.” – Linda Lee

“Having gone thru depression and seeking answers, I found Alfred’s book was uplifting and full of good ideas that I can use in case of future situations and good preventative ideas too. Well written with solid workable explanations. Buy it” – Amazon Customer

“Interesting book. Useful for everyone” – JK

“An excellent book! When one is in the throes of depression they can rarely get out of bed, let alone concentrate on a book. Imagine if you could read the ‘rolled and condensed’ version of what you know, what you know you should do, and simple ways to do it. This book, and at its price is a piece of gold. A review to follow, but I rate it a five***** well worth under $20 bucks and I consider it a somewhat reward-able effort in its ability to stay short, concise and to the point, for those that need answers and less talk….. To take the cake, the author has experience with the malady (and shares personal pain, experience, and recovery… if not (he even suggest paths for others).” – Clinton Meskanen

Alfred Bellanti is an expert when it comes to dealing with depression. Having known him personally, I know he always has the reader’s best interest at heart. It’s a book full of useful facts and encouragement. I highly recommend it.” – John Lu

“A wise man once said: “Unsure if everything sucks because I’m depressed or if I’m depressed because everything sucks!” Depression can become so bad that not even a drum session in the park cheers you up, then it’s time to get professional help and gather as much information as possible. Being a sufferer myself and having read a lot about the subject I can point out all the literature that was just superficial rubbish (a lot) and what really gave me new insights and deep understanding (a few). This book is certainly one of the best, highly recommended!” – Amazon Customer

“Alfred’s book came in the mail, and I immediately read every page. It’s packed with some really good ideas, and a real explanation that can help people finally understand depression. It’s easy to read, and really a useful guide to self-help solutions that work.” Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT

“Alfred’s Depression Self Help Book has been used by many of my clients as a quick reference for their symptomatology and it has helped them understand their depression from a new perspective. The Self help section especially has been very useful for some of my clients.  I strongly recommend it to people who suffer from depression and those who care for them.”  Mr Paul Risebrow, Registered Psychologist

“This book contains the main facts about major depression and the different treatments available, both medical and alternative.  It also has many workable suggestions that will help the reader break through depression.”-  Dr R Climie

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