About Self Esteem

Man with low self-esteem

Most people do not choose to have a low self-esteem

The root causes of self-esteem are there and they can be easy to uncover with a little help and a little effort on your part. Upgrading your self esteem it is 100% doable.

Low self esteem comes from beliefs you hold about yourself which are probably not originally yours.

They may have been installed in your brain during early childhood, or at school, or at church, or during social interaction, or from the media, from just about anywhere but they were definitely not self-generated!

It is also possible that you unconsciously installed the beliefs as a result of some event or experience in your life. More about this later.

When these beliefs are installed they take on a life of their own and seek out confirmation from everyday events or when something goes wrong or when some aspect of your behavior doesn’t produce the wanted result.

After reading this, think about how your self-esteem was affected by someone other than yourself. To give you an example, I remember a case where a second grade school student was brought out in front of her class by her teacher who also happened to be a Weight Watchers promoter.

The teacher held a picture of herself and, pointing at the pupil, said “who would you rather look like? Her or me?” What an awful thing that happened to that poor child. It is no wonder that her self esteem plummeted to the ground.

Can you think of any instances in your life when your self esteem was affected? If so, we would love to hear about them.