After Corona and Covid 19

After Corona and Covid 19

With so much online about this damn Pandemic I was hesitant to add to the stack until my good friend Phyllis Lanich gave me an idea.

I am aware that many people are suffering, many have unfortunately died, there is insecurity and anxiety about income, there is grieving for deceased relatives and friends, there is isolation during this continuing lock down.

My friend Phyllis suggested I could write this blog about when thing go back to normal, or as I prefer to say, a “new normal” because the old “normal” led to the circumstances that brought about this pandemic.

According to a point of view that I respect this whole pandemic thing was nature’s way of telling the human race to wake up to itself.  And as we all know, nature isn’t always kind with its messages – just think of wildfires, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Humans have mistreated this Planet Earth and each other for far too long. Greed for profits have caused environmental pollution, disease and death. The one thing that this pandemic has done is brought many countries together, because they are all fighting a common enemy, the Corona Virus.

After the initial ‘blame game’ of who was responsible for the virus, and once the initial fighting over rolls of toilet paper and the shortage of grocery items had ceased, have you noticed how nice people have become now? With social distancing, people actually acknowledge each other, smile, say good morning.

There has been public acknowledgement, thanks and praise for the front-line health workers who place their own health at risk treating corona victims.  And isn’t it precious that now when people have been confined to their homes how much more appreciative they have become of the outdoors and the sunshine.

Let us be hopeful now that the “new normal” is one of love, caring for each other and for our precious planet as opposed to the greed, competition and ignorance that had prevailed for far too long.

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  • Reply Linda Lee May 8, 2020 at 14:52

    So true….let’s hope that we continue to appreciate all that we have and all of nature’s beauty. I hope we don’t slip back in to our old planet-wrecking ways!

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