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About Fear of Public Speaking

If you have ever seen ‘The King’s Speech” you will have seen an extreme example of fear of public speaking, and it took extreme therapeutic measures for the King to eventually ‘find his flow’ during his radio presentation. Fortunately for you there are now quicker and more efficient ways to do this using modelling, visualization and step by step approaches.
For example you can listen to great speeches on Youtube and speak along with them out loud, or memorize then recite them on your own out loud. Practice in front of a mirror, the more repetition, the more confident you will be. Recording or videoing yourself will help, it will give you feedback from which you can adjust or correct your speech style.
If you don’t have any recording or video equipment practice in front of someone who is supportive and will give you positive criticism. The next step, if you have time and a small group of people, is to practice your speech in front of them.
Many business men, executives, singer-songwriters and even a school student, recommended by her grandmother have come through my office fearful and nervous about an upcoming speech, presentation or performance. Upon follow up all of them said they did really well! So if public speaking or performance is an issue for you I have shared my best techniques for overcoming. For more information click here.

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