The purpose of this website is to provide information on major categories of depression, depression symptoms, and depression treatment

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CAUTION: The information provided here is for educational purposes. Diagnosis and treatment requires the service of a skilled clinician.

We all have days when we feel down, unmotivated, tired, and unsociable but we also know the mood will pass. It's when this mood does not pass that we may need to seek help.

About Depression

"Depression is a common and costly mental health problem, seen frequently in general medical settings. It is the fourth leading medical cause of disability in Western Civilization.The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2020 depression will be the second highest cause of illness after heart disease in the Western World."

Depression can be fatal and the suicide rate among depressed persons is at least 8 times higher than the general population. Often depressed people present to their doctors vague physical symptoms rather than emotional complaints and sometimes depression can be overlooked. It is important to tell your doctor that you are depressed.  Doctor could then recommend appropriate treatment or refer you to a mental health specialist.

Some Easy Ways to Overcome Depression

Martin Seligman and his associates conducted an online experimental therapy  that  resulted in long term relief from depression for hundreds of individuals suffering mild depression.

The therapy consisted of mainly 3 main elements:

1. Practicing Gratitude 2. Focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses 3, Changing negative thought patterns

The majority of participants improved after the experiment and maintained the improved state when followed up 11 months later.

Is Depression Caused by Your Immune System?

"Years ago when I was suffering depression I had a tired and aching feeling in all my body.

When I think back to those times I realize that this feeling was inflammation.

Years later I came across an interesting book stating evidence that one particular form of depression could be an immune-related illness. This could cause inflammation.  I wanted to verify this  and I found a scientific paper that supports this. Click here for the scientific paper ."

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